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GWG Interiors is a Toronto-based interior design firm respected for its thoughtful and refined approach when bringing a clients' vision of their ideal space to life – driven by themes of clean lines and modern aesthetics rooted in practical execution.

Since 2011, GWG Interiors has imagined and produced a wide range of spaces, including luxury residences, commercial client facing spaces, condominiums and private vacation homes.

With capabilities in all phases of interior architecture services, GWG Interiors provides clear, logical design solutions that improve and enhance their client’s interior surroundings. Furnishings are an unexpected mix of classic and modern, accented with the perfect colors and proportions that bring an elegant blend of sophistication and vibrancy to interior spaces. Comfort and function are essential components, with practical details carefully observed and orchestrated. Every project is a true collaboration with each client's tastes, needs, and budget firmly in mind.

“Our spaces have a tremendous impact on our lives. Whether at home, at work, or vacationing, our surroundings should serve to inspire us, make us more productive, help us relax, give us joy and instil a sense of pride.

For us, great design means truly listening to our clients; turning the abstract into tangible, functional and compelling spaces.”

– G Wesley Graham, Principal, GWG Interiors Inc.

Interior Architecture Services

Sophisticated spaces. Expertly crafted.


Commercial | Retail | Office

Envisioning your brand's sense of arrival to enhance employee and client experience.

We get that your space is an extension of your products and services. We take to heart that it serves to offer your clients, customers and employees a unique brand experience. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression on everyone that walks through your space.



Articulating your own personal brands expression in the space that you call home.

Fallen out of love with your space? No matter the size of a home or function of a room, the right layout, style, furnishings and accents make coming home a pleasure. We work closely with clients to reimagine their space, reflective of their unique tastes and personality.


Vacation Homes

Designing your own personal oasis to escape to when you need a break to recharge.

Vacation homes aren't just another space to us - we understand they're a harbour for life long memories. Sentences that start with "Remember the time...". These spaces offer the perfect opportunity to incorporate sentimental and vintage furnishings or artwork. Rest, relax and create memories in your perfect paradise.


Commercial | Private

Creating an unforgettable space for you to gather in, celebrate, live, laugh and love.

We think a space should make you smile. Even happy. From boutique yoga and fitness facilities to the socialite that loves throwing house parties, "playing" is a part of almost every space. Our interiors serve as backdrops to social gatherings, fond memories, happy days, and most definitely some epic nights.

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